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Hey, I am Yair

I started with photography as a way to catalog my experiences outdoors. For me it was a way to live in the moment. Standing on a summit watching the sun fade beyond the horizon, and the stars slowly emerge from the inky blackness consumes you on a level that's nearly indescribable. Taking those feelings and attempting to freeze them into a single still frame is an incredible challenge, and a way that I've found truly motivates me to get out and experience the world.


When I began, I did that for me. It was my way of forcing myself to look at a moment from every angle, and truly experience the moment I was in. As I grew in my photography I had several people ask where they could buy these prints, and while the concept was foreign, the compliment is immense. I hope that you enjoy what you see, and above all that it encourages you to get outside, see the beautiful planet we all live on, and experience moments of your own. And if you feel inclined to hang one of my pictures on your wall, then you were with me when I took that shot, at least in spirit.

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